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Last week’s Monday Night RAW was a surprisingly entertaining one.  CM Punk cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and won the world title from Edge, who had just been destroyed by Batista.  Santino Marella then cut an amazing promo on Rey Misterio, which featured this tidbit:
“There are only two reasons to wear a mask.  Either you are incredibly ugly, or you are the Batman.  And YOU SIR…. ARE NOT the Batman.” (this is infinitely funnier if you can imagine Mr. Marella’s over-the-top bad Italian accent while reading this)

(credit to Larry Csonka at 411mania)

(credit to Larry Csonka at 411mania)

In other highlights Dusty Rhodes’ son Cody FINALLY looked interesting thanks to his teaming with the infinitely more charismatic Ted DiBiase Jr., Jamie Noble had a cameo, and CM Punk’s defense against Bradshaw was much more entertaining than it had any right to be.

And then WWE proved it wasn’t a fluke, and had ANOTHER strong show.  The opening promo with Vicky Guerrero, Cena, JBL, Batista and Kane was strong, Cryme Tyme and Cena destroyed JBL’s limo (come on, who doesn’t love watching a car get destroyed?  Those bonus levels were the BEST PART of Street Fighter II), Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho had yet another in a long line of stellar promos to build their storyline, and Kofi Kingston got a clean win.

As someone who has been a fairly jaded WWE fan over the past few years, I can genuinely say I am enjoying almost all of their Monday Night RAW program right now.  Plenty of twists and turns, good promos, matches that have clean finishes, and the return of that “anything can happen” feeling while the shows are still fresh from the entry draft.  No complaints from this fan, that’s for sure.

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Aw shit, son. You said they wouldnt, but the bastards did. They brought it back. Start thinking about that guitar solo. Just wait for the double break. Clap Clap. Shit yo the original is back. The 902010 is back. Shit…well excitement is over. The shit is going to suck for sure. Its a new age in teen dramas. This 90210 shit is too simple. It needs to…no,wait…it has to be as close to the OC as possible.(According to the idiot execs that run these shits nowadays).

The only thing I look fwd to about this show is to see that hot chick from Full House. You know, Jesses lady friend. Anyways, I hope we agree shes hot. I told a bunch of friends once that the mom from ALF was hot and they just laughed at me like Im some crazy mofo. So I guess its hard to agree, you see?

https://i2.wp.com/television.gearlive.com/blogimages/Lori_Loughlin_90210_thumb.jpg vs

Fuckin assholes. She is hot.

More commentary on this later.

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Whos Uglier

Ok for real. This is simple. There were some weirdos and uglies back in the day, but who are my top two?

Meet the contestants:

Tori Spelling: What is there to say about this monstruosity. The only reason for her existance is for people like you and I to remember DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES. She was in saved by the bell as screeches female couterpart(or was it male?). She claims to be some sort of gay-pop icon even though she is not gay or any type of relevant celebrity.



Forget, Im done. She wins.

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