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Watchmen Trailer

Watch the trailer that will be attached to The Dark Knight.

It looks really cool. That smashing pumpkins song sounds familiar. This must be a remix of some sort.

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The Hulk banned artwork LOL

Frank Cho's Heroes Initiative charity cover

This is the Hulk being a total perv. This is funny. It was banned from an auction.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion Trailer and Plot Details

I loved the first one. It is a fun game with a large library of characters, costumes, and powers. I still play it a lot.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This one should be a nice improvement as far as graphics go. I need to be able to pound shit around as the Hulk.

The fusion basically means that you will be able to mix powers. Every pair of characters will generate a different type of combined attack. Sounds great

The plot is rumoured to be surrounding a timeline from Secret War to Civil War. WIll be able to choose sides and such? Im definitely interested.

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Transformers Meets Scrubs

There’s one thing Youtube has brought to this world more than anything else; the ability to combine MULTIPLE things that you love into one new, awesome creation.  I’m a huge fan of Scrubs.  The humour is off-the-wall, and almost like a live-action Family Guy in the way that jokes come from almost out of nowhere.  But the characters are real; and it’s always interesting to see the interplay between best friends Turk and J.D., which they themselves call “Guy Love”.  And then there’s Transformers, without question the greatest 80s cartoon property of ALL TIME.  What happens when you combine the two?  Two things.  First, they paint the greatest mural in the history of baby wall murals for Turk and Carla’s daughter.

To quote Turk, "That's Optimus Prime, and I don't think he's appreciate you calling him 'the big ugly one'."

To quote Turk, "That's Optimus Prime, and I don't think he's appreciate you calling him 'the big ugly one'."

(Thanks to TFans.com for the screen cap!)

And second, you get someone with a sense of humour JUST twisted enough to do this.


Poor Prowl… the guy is like the Cyclops of the X-Men.  Great leader, good fighter, but just no respect because he’s too straight-edge.  Jazz on the other hand doesn’t surprise me.  Something tells me he knows Bumblebee’s tailpipe rather intimately.

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Hulk vs Wolverine

Lionsgate has released a short of their upcoming Hulk vs Wolverine project. Very interesting:

This will also come with a Hulk vs Thor movie as well.

Man that Thor is such a dick.

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Current DC situation puts Singer on the hot seat…

https://i2.wp.com/www.supermantv.net/superman/comicbooks/new/superman-flying.jpgAfter the current set of events, DC comics is going to try and make a move towards creating a DC universe of their own. Thats no secret. There is too much money involved for them not to make a run at their own set of projects like justice league where a set of established movie franchises are put together for one major movie.

Which brings us to the point of Superman: What happens now with the sequel (Man of Steel)? Which way does this go? It all starts and ends at the head where Singer currently sits. If there was an opportunity for WB to make a move it would be now that they can claim to be attempting a move towards a common factor “real universe”. DC Movies.

Plot problems can also be used in reasoning to do a reboot. Superman’s Super-son plot https://i1.wp.com/www.thatvideogameblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/dc_comics_logo.jpgshouldn’t have been done at all. That sets precedent for there to be a reason to do a reboot to an extent.

Looking at the claims that Millar made of how much the franchise has lost, it cant be all put on Singer. Plenty of bad decisions have been made along the way. I would suggest to do the project like this:

A. Theme: The Donner + Singer version. Its nice but it can also be approached through some other more modern theme and style. The Donner version played a lot with the Imigrant theme in my opinion, and Singer did some interesting Messiah sybolism through Superman Returns. I would do a man with a responsability angle or a saviour from above to a slight degree. Brand new score as well please.

B. Story-line.  There are many different interpretations (even the literally alien Superman that Tim Burton was after) Superman Birthright can be looked at for inspiration, but it could be made to lookhttps://i2.wp.com/www.starstore.com/acatalog/superman_birthright.jpg a bit more epic on the screen. Lose young Luthor. Get someone that really cares for the Character to write it and bring an action director for the big scenes. Bring someone big to fight…Mongul or Metallo. No son of Superman, Overpowered Superman and please no peeping tom Superman!

You could go different ways but save The Death of Superman for much later on. That could be another big one down the road.

C. Look: Superman has to be a little more muscular. Bring someone new in. The S has to be much bigger. Maybe not shoulder to shoulder but make it big across the chest. New cast completely. Selma Blair for Lois Lane. Use the same capes as they were used in 300.

Anyways, just some ideas of what could be acomplished. Id say let Singer go and give Millar a try. I know Singer can do a decent action movie and being more action consious now it is for certain that his follow up would be better. However, seeing how the guy likes the idea and hes written a decent Superman story before, I say go ahead.

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DC Comics movie strategy


The powers that be over at WB are putting their collective minds together according to the Hollywood Reporter

In the course of the past couple of weeks, Warner Bros. Pictures Group president Jeff Robinov and Warner Bros. Pictures president Kevin McCormick have been meeting with DC Comics executives as well some of DC’s top talents, like Jim Lee, to discuss a new direction for film adaptations.

There is no doubt in my mind that the WB suits are looking at what Marvel has been able to pull of this year: An organized attack to generate buzz by creating a Marvel movie universe. The hype and multiple movie possibilities are endless. It is a wise strategy and all it takes is a little bit of planning and a few teasers here and there. Marvel is pointing towards an Avengers movie in 2011 or so with all the characters being individual franchises themselves.

http://electricityandlust.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/iron-man.jpgDC has simply not been aggressive at making movies out of their properties. I believe that the reason things are the way they are is because Marvel, even though they started much later, has had a much quicker and steep learning curve. Not to mention that they had to go their own way and branch out to be Marvel Studios to be able to have as much artistic freedom so that the end product is not a complete travesty that falls out of its real target market. Now Marvel Studios has a certain freedom that DC Comics doesn’t have. DC is a subsidiary of WB and we all know some suits that don’t care about the material are the ones that make the decisions and judge everything based on “the bottom line”. Lets hope this changes.

The Incredible Hulk trailer

Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk were excellent movie adaptations. Marvel has finally been able to put together a reliable formula for a movie based on comic books and they wont be stopping any time soon. So while they are cashing in by planning and using what they have learned so far, DC had to look at this and say: “Shit, we have to go for it too”. Not all is bad in DC land though, they hold the biggest ace of them all: The Dark Knight. A movie that will more than likely redefine the way comic book movies are approached in terms of content.

The Dark KnightWhat DC should do: Then Exactly what Marvel is doing. Create an identical production studio for DC comics and let someone with both Comics and Movie production experience run things.  Get individual properties out of their core characters. Green Lantern, Wonder Woman(I can see this movie making a lot of cash), Flash need to get going quickly. However, they have follow Marvel’s formula as well: Recognizable talented lead and supporting actors/actresses, a talented director with a passion for the character, and the screenplay has to be somewhat loyal to source material to the point that the characters essence is there. No one wants to really see a batman in the 70s with a black Alfred (are you listening Aronofsky?). Once that is done, reboot superman and bring batman in to have a massive Justice League Cross over.

All I know is that it is fun seeing all of these movies being made about the stuff I read about so much as a kid. There are a few that are bound to suck here and there but, hey, the more the merrier.

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Looking Forward to Spore

I remember seeing a video on YouTube a long while back, has to be almost two years now.  It was about this cool little game where you create an alien from scratch, build up a civilization, and then venture out into space.  I hadn’t thought much of it again until read this article (http://pc.ign.com/articles/885/885477p1.html) at IGN about Spore, being released on PC on September 7th.

Aww, isnt he cute?

Aww, isn't he cute?

This game honestly sounds like the deepest, most open-ended PC game I’ve ever heard of.  They already have over 1 million user-created creatures catalogued, and that number will probably be up into the 4-5 million range by the time the game is released.  I can’t wait to see the online gaming community’s creativity unleashed in this environment, just as I enjoy going through all the Mii Creation contests that Nintendo Wii has online.  Plus I can’t wait to take a bunch of bacteria, turn them into ugly-ass aliens who beat the crap out of each other, and then take them into spaceships and blow the crap out of other aliens!

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Batmania is back!

Its so hardcore out there for The Dark Knight that its safe to say that Batmania is back in full effect.

I have the sudden urge to buy a Prince album for some reason

Prince – Batdance (1989)

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The return of 90210


Quick facts about the show:

Will there be as many people having as much sex as possible? Yes. I even dare to assume that they will do a parent-student angle at some point as well. You know…for the ratings.

Will there be adults portraying high school kids? You bet your 1990’s ass that there will be!

Origin story? Same shit different city. Switch family moving from Minnesotta to Beverly Hills to family moving from Kansas to Beverly Hills. We have a winner!!! (sarcasm off)

Significant changes: A black guy on the cast. You know there was a time where I wondered why there were no main black cast members in BH90210 or friends. I guess I can rest in peace now…or I can start wondering why there were no main hispanic members in 90210 or friends. Maids dont count as a main cast member.

Anyways, the show is going to be just a new age stupid teen drama with the 90210 label. Nothing really interesting. The only thing of interest is the returning cast.

Kelly Tailer(Jennie Garth) — Still hot. I hope her and Brenda get into the WWE main event cat fight they never did. Just for closure sakes. Ive endured hours of psychiatric help dealing with this one.

Donna Martin(Tori Spelling) — COME THE FUCK ON. Next.

Brenda Walsh(Shannen Doherty) — She will have to explain the plot hole of her leaving from the show without a proper goodbye. Im thinking some of that transformers alternate dimension theory would work, or maybe she got stuck in the phantom zone for a while. I would be content with her explaining why her eyes are so uneven at the least.

Nat Bussichio(Joe E. Tata) — who? HAHAHAHHA….I guess the peach pit is back.

Some uncertains are David Silver(Brian Austin Green) who is more than likely looking for a job since he recently got fired from his job as Megan Fox’s bf for being too old (or, ahem, not being high profile enough).

I hope they can get dylan and brandon to comeback. That way 100% of the show will be playing characters that are no accurate in age whatsoever. yay!!!

Conclusion: They should have let this one alone and adapted the GZA’s Killa Hills 10304 instead. Much more entertaining.

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