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Superman Reboot: Where do we go from here?

Now that it is official that the Superman franchise will go with a much needed reboot, the talk of the town for about another year will be the approach of the movie. The only details we have is that the franchise will take a much darker tone in tune with what the dark knight achieved. With this new set of rules the powers that be at WB have let the cat out the bag and admitted that they have to deliver harder hitting modern heroes to maintain the success of The Dark Knight and create a possible crossover in the future. DC comics relies on its fans too much, and hardcore fans do not welcome changes to the character very well. In a way, it is the fans fault that some characters cannot move on with the times. The movie scene may set the trend and allow a much more natural and accepted take on the characters. Here is a list of things the movie could carry:

Story: The character has to be re-introduced in a more modern setting. Anything from the Donner-Singer-verse is out the window. Krypton will benefit from being presented as a different society from the Donner movies. You can incorporate android-like Brainiac to make him  in the movie a threat to the world. An alien technology based kryptonian being designed to run krypton to finalize their dreams of Utopia (Jor-El  would be the one opposed to this type of Alien AI that would ultimately be the cause of Krypton’s demise). He can find Kal-el and proceed with a plan to colonize Earth to keep the Kryptonian legacy alive. Superman can see it as his responsibility to stop him in order to protect his new home and as a curse of the Kryptonian legacy. Plus, they can both go at it for a nice action fight sequence. Lex Luthor should not be in this movie, but in pure joker fashion, he can be mentioned for a future film setup. How about the mention of the incredible stock rise of LexCorp in this movie to introduce Lex later on? The only thing I can mention is that the people involved in this project should be professionals that are fans of the character. The success Nolan had with the Hardcore fans was because he did deliver a real Batman that was still Batman.

Tone: That has been set from WB’s comments. It will be Darker. Doubtful that it can go all the way to where The Dark Knight went, but a modernized Superman is a must so a more gritty Superman story has to come to effect.

Look: The director will have full freedom to use his visual style in order to distance themselves from the previous template. The character designs should reflect the current times. Not the daily planet of the 1930s.

Costume: This needs a nice big redesign. The cape should remain(look at 300 for nice cape ideas), and a big S would be nice. Not a traditional one though. Do away with the red underwear. Get rid of the yellow. Maybe even combine or use one of these two:


https://i0.wp.com/www.esmas.com/galeria/fotos/2007/12/2007281757421198886262.jpgCast: Big name actors have to be used. An up and coming star should be considered for Superman. Louis Lane has to be a sassy reporter with spunk. Someone that looks nice and classy like Paola Turbay would be nice.

Score: BRAND NEW!!!

Movie franchise Setup: The idea is to establish a franchise that can go on a long run. The possibilities are limitless and seeing a Death of Superman saga as a trilogy later on would be incredibly interesting.

The limits on this do not exist. Many ways to go around but I think we all agree that the best way to approach this is to deliver a modernized Superman and not a hero archetype of ages ago.

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  1. This has a chance to be great

    Comment by Mayor of Kentonville | August 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. I think the best choice is Paola Turbay, She was the 1st runner up in miss universe and miss Colombia, She has one of the most beautiful faces I ever seen. She has been in American Tv but is not well known yet which gives a new dimension to the production! She can be the perfect catch for the latinamerican market as well. GOOGLE HER

    Comment by Fredyleonardo Rojas Garrido | December 5, 2008 | Reply

  3. Hey, great work. I think I saw a piece of Batman art by you too, same format. Your really good. I think I’ll try wordpress out sometime. Visit my site sometime, tmmwrites.webs.com

    Comment by Timothy Mably | January 20, 2009 | Reply

  4. The problem I see is that by redefining Superman in a more darker tone, you start to lose the distinction between Batman and Superman. Batman natrually fits with the darker tone considering the grim crime ridden city he patrols and the villians, most of which don’t have any super natural powers but have some mental problem. Superman on the other hand deals with villians that both come from other worlds and have supernatural abilities. This makes him and his adventures less realistic. Batman, on the other hand is just a guy with special tools and vehicles. And I think it’s pretty well understood that Superman has more of an ethical code he follows than Batman who sometimes bends the rules.
    If you go too far and try to make Superman into something more like Batman, you’ll lose the loyalty of your most devoted fans and be left with a minority of fans who really won’t be as loyal to the change.

    Comment by Greg Kingsley | August 31, 2009 | Reply

  5. It’s not Superman that needs to be darker it’s the villian. Batman wasn’t really darker (maybe a little) it was the Joker who was darker. Heath Ledger’s performance was what made that movie great. Superman still has to be a morally upright person but the villian has to be very evil and much more dark than the way Lex has been portrayed in all the other movies. The Lex in the other movies has been a comedic bad guy. Just leave most of the comedy out of it as well as the cheesy shit like the throwing of the “S” off his chest taking out Zod’s boy and definately lose the red underwear. Oh and NO KID!

    Comment by Mike | September 2, 2010 | Reply

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