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Playoff Passion – Canada’s Hockey Anthem Challenge Winner

For those of you who are not aware, there is a rather popular contest here in Canada to determine what the next musical theme for the traditional Hockey show will be. Thousands of contestants have given it a shot, and I have personally heard everything possible in the music spectrum: From hip-hop to Metal to some weird baby noises mixed with cow sounds.

When you think Hockey Night in Canada you need something that will get your adrenaline pumping. CBC is looking for an Anthem, not the next country music hit. After going through some rather bad recent submissions, I found one that I really hope can make it far in the contest. It is everything a network needs to look classy but to also get the viewing audience excited when the show starts or between intermissions. I’ve listened to this a few times now and I really like it. Hope this one gets some serious consideration. Help this contestant, be part of the contest and vote!

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Thoughts on upcoming Smallville Season 8

With the fall TV season approaching, I’ve been checking in on a few shows that I watch regularly for some status updates.  And there’s a heck of a lot happening around one of my personal favourites, Smallville.


Cast changes are nothing new to the show.  Pete Ross and both Kent parents have departed from the show, as have bit players like Lana’s high school boyfriend Whitney Fordman and the original town sheriff (whose name escapes me).  But as the show enters its eighth (and likely final) season, there are massive changes on the horizon.  Kara (aka Supergirl), Lex Luthor and Lana Lang will not be returning as regulars for the final season.  Add in the fact that Lionel Luthor left the show during Season 7 and you have a seriously depleted cast.  We are essentially left with Clark, Chloe, Lois and Jimmy Olsen as the only truly remaining core characters.

I won’t miss Supergirl; I don’t feel she added much depth to the show, and the actress didn’t seem to be able to do much with the character.  And Lana’s character ran her course, she was due to leave.  But losing Lex… you can’t have Yin without Yang.  His departure will ultimately affect the show even more than the departure of developers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.  Which brings up another point, they had always insisted on “no tights, no flights” for Clark Kent.  This may change now that they are off the show, which could be good or bad.

Season 8 will also feature some other interesting twists.  Smallville featured a one-off “Justice League” created from a collection of super heroes introduced at various points in the show’s history; Green Arrow, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg.  Apparently, this Justice League (likely consisting of Arrow, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter) will become more formal, especially now that Green Arrow is a regular on the series.  As a comic fan, I can honestly say this intrigues me.  I love the idea of a live-action Justice League show… but I don’t know if I like it at the expense of the Smallville series I have watched regularly over the past seven years.  It will be interesting to see how this affects the series.

Finally, there was another piece of news that I didn’t quite know how to react to; Doomsday is coming to Smallville.  The very same Doomsday that killed Superman back in the early 1990s (in the comics).  Ironically, Doomsday came about because the Lois & Clark series scuttled DC’s original plans to have the comic Superman and Lois get married.  However, plans were changed when ABC wanted the on-screen version to get married first.  So DC regrouped and ended up doing the Death of Superman storyline, which single-handedly reworked much of 1990s DC mythology (which I won’t go into here).  Anyhow, this Doomsday character will apparently have an alter-ego who is an “easy-going paramedic”.  This sounds a little like an evil version of the Incredible Hulk… which makes me cringe in anticipation of an on-screen Doomsday that might almost be as bad as the film version of Bane from Batman & Robin.

There are plenty of changes coming; Smallville might be barely recognizable compared to even the most recent season.  Will I like it?  I have no idea.  Will I be entertained?  I sincerely hope so.  But more importantly… will I watch?  Oh hell yeah.

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Hulk vs Thor

Its part two of the Hulk series. Now its against Thor. I wonder if they are going to make him talk asgardian styles. Either way this looks cool

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Black Panther BET series trailer

Here it is. The animation looks interesting. Definitely a Romita JR animation style. It feels like a homage to those 1966 marvel cartoons. I’ll take a wait and see approach but this looks like is going to be very violent. Catch it on BET soon.

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Transformers Meets Scrubs

There’s one thing Youtube has brought to this world more than anything else; the ability to combine MULTIPLE things that you love into one new, awesome creation.  I’m a huge fan of Scrubs.  The humour is off-the-wall, and almost like a live-action Family Guy in the way that jokes come from almost out of nowhere.  But the characters are real; and it’s always interesting to see the interplay between best friends Turk and J.D., which they themselves call “Guy Love”.  And then there’s Transformers, without question the greatest 80s cartoon property of ALL TIME.  What happens when you combine the two?  Two things.  First, they paint the greatest mural in the history of baby wall murals for Turk and Carla’s daughter.

To quote Turk, "That's Optimus Prime, and I don't think he's appreciate you calling him 'the big ugly one'."

To quote Turk, "That's Optimus Prime, and I don't think he's appreciate you calling him 'the big ugly one'."

(Thanks to TFans.com for the screen cap!)

And second, you get someone with a sense of humour JUST twisted enough to do this.


Poor Prowl… the guy is like the Cyclops of the X-Men.  Great leader, good fighter, but just no respect because he’s too straight-edge.  Jazz on the other hand doesn’t surprise me.  Something tells me he knows Bumblebee’s tailpipe rather intimately.

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Hulk vs Wolverine

Lionsgate has released a short of their upcoming Hulk vs Wolverine project. Very interesting:

This will also come with a Hulk vs Thor movie as well.

Man that Thor is such a dick.

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Batmania is back!

Its so hardcore out there for The Dark Knight that its safe to say that Batmania is back in full effect.

I have the sudden urge to buy a Prince album for some reason

Prince – Batdance (1989)

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The return of 90210


Quick facts about the show:

Will there be as many people having as much sex as possible? Yes. I even dare to assume that they will do a parent-student angle at some point as well. You know…for the ratings.

Will there be adults portraying high school kids? You bet your 1990’s ass that there will be!

Origin story? Same shit different city. Switch family moving from Minnesotta to Beverly Hills to family moving from Kansas to Beverly Hills. We have a winner!!! (sarcasm off)

Significant changes: A black guy on the cast. You know there was a time where I wondered why there were no main black cast members in BH90210 or friends. I guess I can rest in peace now…or I can start wondering why there were no main hispanic members in 90210 or friends. Maids dont count as a main cast member.

Anyways, the show is going to be just a new age stupid teen drama with the 90210 label. Nothing really interesting. The only thing of interest is the returning cast.

Kelly Tailer(Jennie Garth) — Still hot. I hope her and Brenda get into the WWE main event cat fight they never did. Just for closure sakes. Ive endured hours of psychiatric help dealing with this one.

Donna Martin(Tori Spelling) — COME THE FUCK ON. Next.

Brenda Walsh(Shannen Doherty) — She will have to explain the plot hole of her leaving from the show without a proper goodbye. Im thinking some of that transformers alternate dimension theory would work, or maybe she got stuck in the phantom zone for a while. I would be content with her explaining why her eyes are so uneven at the least.

Nat Bussichio(Joe E. Tata) — who? HAHAHAHHA….I guess the peach pit is back.

Some uncertains are David Silver(Brian Austin Green) who is more than likely looking for a job since he recently got fired from his job as Megan Fox’s bf for being too old (or, ahem, not being high profile enough).

I hope they can get dylan and brandon to comeback. That way 100% of the show will be playing characters that are no accurate in age whatsoever. yay!!!

Conclusion: They should have let this one alone and adapted the GZA’s Killa Hills 10304 instead. Much more entertaining.

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Aw shit, son. You said they wouldnt, but the bastards did. They brought it back. Start thinking about that guitar solo. Just wait for the double break. Clap Clap. Shit yo the original is back. The 902010 is back. Shit…well excitement is over. The shit is going to suck for sure. Its a new age in teen dramas. This 90210 shit is too simple. It needs to…no,wait…it has to be as close to the OC as possible.(According to the idiot execs that run these shits nowadays).

The only thing I look fwd to about this show is to see that hot chick from Full House. You know, Jesses lady friend. Anyways, I hope we agree shes hot. I told a bunch of friends once that the mom from ALF was hot and they just laughed at me like Im some crazy mofo. So I guess its hard to agree, you see?

https://i2.wp.com/television.gearlive.com/blogimages/Lori_Loughlin_90210_thumb.jpg vs

Fuckin assholes. She is hot.

More commentary on this later.

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