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Response to feedback from 15 Worst Maple Leaf Trades

2013 UPDATE: I have refreshed and expanded this list on another website.  Check out the series here: Introduction, #21-25, #16-20, #11-15, #6-10 and #1-5.

First off, a big thank-you to everyone who read and provided feedback on the three-part “15 Worst Trades in Toronto Maple Leafs History” series.  It was a blast to research and write the articles, and it sounds like I’ve struck a few chords.

In response to Down Goes Brown; I read and respect your article on the Courtnall for Kordic deal.  I do not argue against Kordic being acquired, the Leafs did have a number of small, fast young forwards in the hard-hitting Norris division.  BUT… the price paid for Kordic was too high.  As a point of comparison, the Leafs acquired Tie Domi from Winnipeg for a (marginal prospect) Mike Eastwood and a draft pick (a 3rd Round pick).  That is a perfectly acceptable fee for an enforcer to toughen up the team.  A near-point-per-game skilled forward is not.  But as I said, I respect your opinion, and thank you for your feedback.

Gen. Borchevsky, GREAT addition with the Doug Jarvis deal.  I didn’t even realize he was ever a Maple Leaf prospect!

One deal I wish I had also recalled was the one that sent Rick Kehoe to Pittsburgh for Blaine Sloughton.  Kehoe was one year removed from a 33-goal, 75-point season with the Leafs.  He went on to record 10 consecutive 45+ point seasons, nine of them involving 27 or more goals, and six of them involving 60+ points.

Blaine Stoughton would turn into a tremendous player… just not for the Leafs.  Stoughton left Toronto after two seasons for the WHA, much as Bernie Parent did.  And when Stoughton returned to the NHL with Hartford,  he became their first great player.  In his first four NHL seasons with the Whalers he scored 196 goals and 340 points.

I’m trying to look at both sides of the Leafs coin, however; I’m currently researching and compiling stats for the Best 10 (or possibly 15, if I can find that many) trades in Leafs history.  Although I have to admit, my trade is looking VERY heavy on the 1988-2001 timeframe.  No Leafs trade in the last 7 years has done much of anything for the franchise, and I haven’t found too many strong Leafs deals from 1970-1985.  If anyone would like to suggest deals, please feel free to post a comment below, or email me at jt.urbaneblog@gmail.com.

2013 UPDATE: I have refreshed and expanded this list on another website.  Check out the series here: Introduction, #21-25, #16-20, #11-15, #6-10 and #1-5.

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