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Thoughts on “Mega64: E3 2008 Day 2” Video

I just watched this video, and I have to say I was thoroughly amused.

They’re pretty damned spot-on about Wii Music.  I saw the demonstration clip for Wii Music, and I fail to see how playing the Wiimote like a flute is fun (or even remotely intelligent).  Seriously; the flute itself is pretty “flamboyant”… but a VIRTUAL flute?  Come on now.  And its true, Wii Speak would simply be an excuse for massive trashtalk and cussing on Wii.  However, R-Rated smack talk on Mario Kart would be pretty damned fun.

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Looking Forward to Spore

I remember seeing a video on YouTube a long while back, has to be almost two years now.  It was about this cool little game where you create an alien from scratch, build up a civilization, and then venture out into space.  I hadn’t thought much of it again until read this article (http://pc.ign.com/articles/885/885477p1.html) at IGN about Spore, being released on PC on September 7th.

Aww, isnt he cute?

Aww, isn't he cute?

This game honestly sounds like the deepest, most open-ended PC game I’ve ever heard of.  They already have over 1 million user-created creatures catalogued, and that number will probably be up into the 4-5 million range by the time the game is released.  I can’t wait to see the online gaming community’s creativity unleashed in this environment, just as I enjoy going through all the Mii Creation contests that Nintendo Wii has online.  Plus I can’t wait to take a bunch of bacteria, turn them into ugly-ass aliens who beat the crap out of each other, and then take them into spaceships and blow the crap out of other aliens!

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