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The Dark Knight Spoof

The Dark Knight is a modern cinema classic. Up there with the all time crime drama epics of all time.

Now watch the youtube version:

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Transformers Meets Scrubs

There’s one thing Youtube has brought to this world more than anything else; the ability to combine MULTIPLE things that you love into one new, awesome creation.  I’m a huge fan of Scrubs.  The humour is off-the-wall, and almost like a live-action Family Guy in the way that jokes come from almost out of nowhere.  But the characters are real; and it’s always interesting to see the interplay between best friends Turk and J.D., which they themselves call “Guy Love”.  And then there’s Transformers, without question the greatest 80s cartoon property of ALL TIME.  What happens when you combine the two?  Two things.  First, they paint the greatest mural in the history of baby wall murals for Turk and Carla’s daughter.

To quote Turk, "That's Optimus Prime, and I don't think he's appreciate you calling him 'the big ugly one'."

To quote Turk, "That's Optimus Prime, and I don't think he's appreciate you calling him 'the big ugly one'."

(Thanks to TFans.com for the screen cap!)

And second, you get someone with a sense of humour JUST twisted enough to do this.


Poor Prowl… the guy is like the Cyclops of the X-Men.  Great leader, good fighter, but just no respect because he’s too straight-edge.  Jazz on the other hand doesn’t surprise me.  Something tells me he knows Bumblebee’s tailpipe rather intimately.

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Hulk vs Wolverine

Lionsgate has released a short of their upcoming Hulk vs Wolverine project. Very interesting:

This will also come with a Hulk vs Thor movie as well.

Man that Thor is such a dick.

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Looking Forward to Spore

I remember seeing a video on YouTube a long while back, has to be almost two years now.  It was about this cool little game where you create an alien from scratch, build up a civilization, and then venture out into space.  I hadn’t thought much of it again until read this article (http://pc.ign.com/articles/885/885477p1.html) at IGN about Spore, being released on PC on September 7th.

Aww, isnt he cute?

Aww, isn't he cute?

This game honestly sounds like the deepest, most open-ended PC game I’ve ever heard of.  They already have over 1 million user-created creatures catalogued, and that number will probably be up into the 4-5 million range by the time the game is released.  I can’t wait to see the online gaming community’s creativity unleashed in this environment, just as I enjoy going through all the Mii Creation contests that Nintendo Wii has online.  Plus I can’t wait to take a bunch of bacteria, turn them into ugly-ass aliens who beat the crap out of each other, and then take them into spaceships and blow the crap out of other aliens!

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