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Aw shit, son. You said they wouldnt, but the bastards did. They brought it back. Start thinking about that guitar solo. Just wait for the double break. Clap Clap. Shit yo the original is back. The 902010 is back. Shit…well excitement is over. The shit is going to suck for sure. Its a new age in teen dramas. This 90210 shit is too simple. It needs to…no,wait…it has to be as close to the OC as possible.(According to the idiot execs that run these shits nowadays).

The only thing I look fwd to about this show is to see that hot chick from Full House. You know, Jesses lady friend. Anyways, I hope we agree shes hot. I told a bunch of friends once that the mom from ALF was hot and they just laughed at me like Im some crazy mofo. So I guess its hard to agree, you see?

https://i2.wp.com/television.gearlive.com/blogimages/Lori_Loughlin_90210_thumb.jpg vs

Fuckin assholes. She is hot.

More commentary on this later.

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